Tuesday Oct 3, 2023 23:04

Memorandum of understanding (MOU)

Status report on concluding cooperation MOUs

Due to the policy of cooperation expansion with various institutions, the signing of cooperation MOUs was designed on the agenda of the fund. The important axes of the considered cooperation in the memorandums include:

·         Participation in identifying priorities for support, investment opportunities, suitable areas of export and attracting foreign investment in the electronics industry of the country

·         Collaborating with the aim of turning technologic and entrepreneurship ideas to product or service, commercialization of research achievements, rapid growth of start-up and technologic companies in the field of electronics industry according to common policy-makings

·         Cooperation in the development of active enterprises, in particular on the subject of expanding research and development activities and providing new products, specialized trainings, gaining new markets and foreign markets through participation in international exhibitions and conferences

·         Cooperation in the field of technology transfer, creation of joint ventures (J.V.) and international interactions by firms active of the private sector

·         Cooperation in the field of providing consulting and industrial services in technical areas, obtaining standards, marketing and preparation of feasibility projects

·         Cooperation in the field of communications development between companies and creation of industrial networks and clusters

·         Cooperation in the field of assessment, valuation, risk management and project management of technological plans

·         Cooperation on accreditation of applicants and providing guarantees

·         Cooperation in the development of effectiveness indicators, measuring and monitoring them for implemented projects and providing required reports

·         Cooperation on identifying and defining new supporting models in various areas and providing their executive mechanisms


So far, the cooperation agreements have been signed with the following institutions:

1.      Guild association of industrial automation companies

2.      Iran's ICT Guild organization

3.      Power Research Institute

4.      Institute of Communications and Information Technology

5.      Telecommunications Industry Syndicate

6.      Technical and Vocational University

7.      Khwarizmi International Award

8.      Sheikh Baha'i Festival

9.      Defence Industries Training and Research Institute

10.  Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare


Also, signing a memorandum of cooperation with the following institutions is in progress:

1.      Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization of Iran

2.      E-commerce Development Center

3.      Innovation and Development Fund

4.      Development and Application of Information Technology Department of Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

5.      Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

6.      Exporters Association of Medical Equipment

7.      Syndicate of manufacturers of mobile app

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