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Supporting Priorities

Supporting Priorities

Based on the conducted surveys in line with targeting the fund's supports with the rules and regulations of upstream documents, all projects and plans in the field of electronics industry can be supported with the exception of the following:


·         Natural persons

·         Applicants with a history of non-creditworthy or having a common interest with uncreditworthy applicants

·         Support, maintenance or operating services

·         Production of multi-media applications

·         Foreign equipment procurement for purchase of goods or installation and launching contracts

·         SKD assembly except for cases that deep production is not possible in the country

·         Companies that have received facilities from the fund for similar products in the past 5 years


Also, the following activities have low priority, and only in very special circumstances, it may be possible to support them:

o   Launching sites and providing Internet services

o   Starting the production of products that are currently produced in the country

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