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Missions & Goals

According to the statute, the Fund's main goals and mission are as follows:

Venture capital and services expertise, issuance of guarantee and financial and credit support for the research and development of electronic industry in the private sector and cooperatives as facilities or awarding grants to natural or legal persons in the following areas:

·         Purchase, transfer, attraction and development of advanced technologies

·         Studies and research, including fundamental, applied and development studies

·         Short-term specialized trainings

·         Engineering and design services

·         Semi-industrial and large-scale manufacturing and service-providing projects

·         Participation in domestic and international tenders, conferences and exhibitions

·         Preparing the grounds for information-providing, compilation, accumulation and dissemination of technical knowledge

·         Expanding international economic and technical cooperation and export promotion

·         Attracting domestic and foreign investments


The electronics industry includes communication and computer industries, automation, optical electronics, electronic components, consumer electronics and applied electronics ranging from software and hardware.

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