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Vahdat among participants of electronics industry of Western Azerbaijan province: SAHA supports the ordering of research needs of industrial companies to universities

The ESFRD CEO announced the support of SAHA from ordering the research needs by electronics industry companies to the universities and scientific and research centers.

According to SAHA Public Relations reports, in a meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of West Azerbaijan province among the participants active in industrial and academic fields of the electronics industry, Vahdat, the SAHA Chairman and CEO referred to the emphasis of the country's upstream documents, including Vision Plan, general policies of science and technology and resistive economy, on achievement the economy first rank in the region and said:
The main axis of resistive economy is the knowledge-based economy that have an inward and outward oriented approach, in which knowledge is considered as the prime core that is achieved by the ideas and thoughts of the young forces in the country.
He added: To achieve a knowledge-based economy, the science and technology parks have been launched in all provinces, and most recently, the knowledge-based companies are also developing. However, the playground is in the industrial sector and industrial companies are the major contributors.
Referring to international reports on the appropriate status of Iran in having a unique labor market and investment context in the region, Vahdat said: According to Roland Berger Company report as one of the largest consulting companies in the world, 41% of Iranians are under 25, which is considered as an important foundation for economic growth.
He added: Based on this report, with 98 percent literacy rate of the youthful population that 58% of them have higher academic education, Iran is comparable with advanced countries of the world in the context. Also, the Roland Berger research team has known Iran an opportunity for international companies, which cannot be ignored.
The SAHA CEO continued: In this context, Bloomberg (leading German newspapers) has named Iran among 50 countries in the world with innovation capacity, and stressed that Iran with 80 million people and having 90 billion US dollars in the stock market and 500-stock companies appears to be a new opportunity for foreign investors.
Vahdat emphasized: Thus, the world introduce Iran as a good place for investment that using this opportunity and relying on the knowledge capacities of industrial companies, we have to be able to generate wealth.
Stressed on that industrial companies are the backbone of the country's economic activities, he added: For example, about 90% of the turnover of companies recently won the knowledge-based approvals of the vice presidency of science and technology are related to industrial companies, indicating that the playground is at the disposal of companies who are the main producers of wealth in the industrial sector.
With reference to the appropriate grounds for cooperation with foreign countries in the post-sanction period, Vahdat said: With proper and accurate planning, the opportunity of cooperating with foreign companies in the post-sanction period should be used for maximal benefit to attract investment in the country.
SAHA CEO mentioned the support for research needed by industries as another activities axis of the Fund and said: In this context, the costs of companies ordering applied research to the universities and research centers would be covered as facilities.
He added: Also, in this regard, the "Law on elimination of barriers to production" has considered a discount of 10% on tax declared of companies that order the requirements of their research and development (R & D) units to universities and research centers; the bylaw of this clause have been drafted, communicated and are in effect.
According to SAHA, during the trip of Vahdat and the ESFRD managers to the Western Azerbaijan province, the achievements of electronic technology and food industry town, Oroomi Institution of Higher Education, Azar Batri Company, Science and Technology Park and several companies active in the field of electronics were visited.

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