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Vahdat visited the Motor Show: SAHA supports the self-sufficiency of electronics sections of automobile industry

The ESFRD CEO gave notice that SAHA is prepared to support companies moving toward the self-sufficiency of electronics sections of the automotive industry.

According to the Public Relations of ESFRD (SAHA), Vahdat, the Fund Chairman and CEO, visiting the tenth International Exhibition of components, parts and assemblies for Automobiles, referring to SAHA activities under the supervision of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, said: The electronics industry is the parent industry in a major part of the country's "high-tech" industry that the ESFRD with over 15 years of experience has worked to support this part of the industry.
Stating that 1000 electronics projects have been supported by the Fund, the ESFRD CEO added: Of this number, more than 800 projects have been successfully completed, and much of the activities of the Fund have included the granting of loans and issuance of guarantees.
Pointed out that in the past, SAHA has supported 50 projects in the field of automotive electronics, he said: The Fund is trying to increase the share of its supporting basket of the field of electronics projects of this important industry of the country.
The ESFRD CEO stressed: Given the good quality of many automotive electronic products produced by domestic manufacturers, if automotive parts producing companies acquire the skill for presence in global markets and can communicate with foreign companies, a good opportunity will be provided for them to get free from the domestic automakers dependence. The Fund can provide the essential supports in this regard as much as possible.
The ESFRD CEO added while insisting that the market of Electronics Industry needs to be properly defined: In this regard, some negotiations have been made with as the main buyer of electronic parts for cars so that over the introduction of SAPCO through a memorandum of understanding, the Fund will support the research projects needed in this area and the companies operating in direction of self-sufficiency of the automotive electronics sectors.
He also added: SAPCO can also define the electronics market of the manufacturing companies and specifies its needs and define certain operating research projects and prototyping. With the help of small knowledge-based companies, it can create research and development (R & D) units on these cases so that the country would gain the knowledge in the area.
Implementing projects of this scope, the ESFRD can provide the necessary capital for such small but important projects as well as the necessary technical assistance.
According to SAHA, on this visit, Vahdat were accompanied by Kheiri, PhD, the member of Automotive Policy Council, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the directors of SAPCO and SAHA.
The Tenth International Exhibition of components, parts and assemblies for cars was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground with the participation of 496 foreign companies from 20 countries.

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