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A memorandum of cooperation was signed between SAHA Fund and Vocational University

A memorandum of cooperation was concluded between the ESFRD (SAHA) and Vocational University aimed at running entrepreneurship plans and science and technology-based projects.

According to the Public Relations of SAHA Fund, the memorandum signed on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Vocational University in Tehran Olympic Hotel by Vahdat, the Chairman and CEO of SAHA and Shafiee, PhD, the Chairman of the Vocational University, was concluded to create academic and administrative synergy on exchange of experiences, information, efficient and targeted use of available mutual scientific and technical resources and capabilities, especially in the skill and technology areas in implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives and science and technology-based projects and commercialization of research results.
The issues and subjects of this memorandum are as follows: Cooperation with the aim to support skill and service start-up companies in the field of electronics and transforming technology and entrepreneurship ideas to product or service, commercialization of research achievements, rapid growth of new and technology firms in the field of electronics industry under a common policy, support the development of entrepreneurship projects at national and international levels, cooperation in the area of holding specialized short-term courses for electronics industry, cooperation in the field of providing consulting services on technical fields and preparation of feasibility plans, cooperation in the developing effectiveness indicators, measuring and monitoring them for implemented projects and providing necessary reports, cooperation in identifying and defining new supporting models in various fields and providing their operational mechanisms.
Before signing the agreement, stating that the vocational university with more than 170 academic centers has a big potential in enhancing skills in the country, the ESFRD (SAHA) CEO said: High physical capacity, the faculty staff and manpower of the Vocational University can provide the ground for a huge leap in the field of entrepreneurship and fostering technical and skilled workforce in the country.
Emphasized on the special place of education, research and technology in universities, he added: Each of these sectors should be considered separately, and one cannot expect the research to replace education and technology take the place of research in universities.
Vahdat continued: The mission of vocational university is to increase the skills of students and training of skilled manpower for working in various sectors of industry throughout the country to increase and improve the rate of production and services.
Referring to the activities of SAHA Fund under the supervision of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Vahdat said: The ESFRD, with nearly 20 years of experience, is one of the oldest specialized supporting funds with a duty to support the communications industry, automation, computer, optoelectronic, electronic components, consumer electronics and applied electronic.
The ESFRD CEO, referring to the lack of growth in SAHA capital in recent years, mentioned: According to immersive emphasis of upstream documents, including Iran's 1404 Vision Plan, general policies of resistive economy, science and technology issued by the Supreme Leader stressing on the special role and place of knowledge-based economy and high-tech industry as well as the outstanding contribution of electronics industry to the country's advanced technologies, with the determination of Wisdom & Hope government, 25 million $ was considered to strengthen the capital of SAHA Fund.
Pointing to the appropriate capacities of electronics industry in the country, he said: Educated labor force is one of the great potentials of this sector, as the best university graduates have studied in the fields of electricity, electronics and IT. Also, high added value in this area has provided a certain charm, which is both effective in the country's employment and can also prevent the elite from migration to other countries.
Referring to the areas of cooperation with Vocational University, the SAHA CEO said: Skills training in the field of the country's electronics industry is among the topics considered in collaboration with the University. Thus, companies and units in need of training and skills services can get a loan from the Fund to benefit from services of Vocational University.
He added: Also according to this memorandum, we seek to support those electronics industry units by granting facilities that recruit people who are skilled in the Vocational University.
According to Vahdat, if the skill forces of universities establish small firms within universities that lead to the formation of small businesses, with the introduction by University, SAHA is prepared to support this fledgling companies.
He went on to explain: Universities can provide the required context and infrastructure to start the work of such companies, including physical space, joint workshops and IT infrastructure and SAHA will also support their activities.

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