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A memorandum of cooperation was concluded between ICT research institute and the ESFRD.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Institute of Communications and Information Technology (Telecommunications Research Centre) and the ESFRD with the aim of a comprehensive development of the country's electronic industries.

According to the Public Relations Institute of Communications and Information Technology (Telecommunications Research Centre), this agreement concluded in line with realization of goals set out in the Vision Plan, general policies of science and technology and resistive economic based on strengthening the knowledge-based economy and the development of industries and services based on new science and technologies, were signed by Mohammad Khansari, Head of the Institute of Communications and Information Technology and Ali Vahdat, the chairman and CEO of the ESFRD in 6 articles at the Institute.
The subjects of the agreement included participation in identifying priorities for support, investment opportunities, suitable areas of export and attracting foreign investment related to the needs and activities of the communications and information technology research institute, collaboration with the aim of transforming technology and entrepreneurship ideas into a product or service, commercialization of research achievements, rapid growth of and technological companies and start-ups supported by the Institute of Communications and Information Technology according to a joint policy, cooperation on developing active firms, especially with focus on expanding the research and development activities and providing new products, specialized trainings, gaining new markets and foreign markets through participation in international exhibitions and conferences, cooperation in the field of technology transfer, creation of joint ventures (J.V.) and international engagements by private sector active firms.

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