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SAHA CEO announced: The 3% share of electronics industry of the country's industrial productions

Referring to the 3% contribution of electronics industry of the country's industrial outputs, the ESFRD (SAHA) CEO emphasized on the need to increase this share of the country's economy.

According to the Public Relations of the ESFRD (SAHA), at a meeting with participants of electronics industry and members of the Power, Electronics and Computers Association of East Azarbaijan province held in the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization building of the province, Vahdat stated: The knowledge-based economy is the resistive economy emphasized by our Great Leader and the government of Wisdom & Hope. The knowledge-based economy is based on endogeneity and outward-looking and relies on high-tech and advanced industries.
Pointing out the necessity of determining the share of knowledge-based economy of the country, he mentioned: The electronics industry, as one of the most advanced industrial sectors, has more and better capacities compared to other areas to play a greater role and share in the knowledge-based economy, and consequently, in the resistive economy; since, the required infrastructure, including the skilled manpower exists in the country, and the best students study and will study in the fields of electricity, electronics, computer and IT at our universities.
According to ESFRD CEO, attention to the knowledge-based economy and electronics industry is very necessary and important in the current situation. Although there is no accurate statistics available on the share of knowledge-based economy in the country's economy, but we are sue that seriously believing in the capability of the country's industries and elite and providing the necessary support areas, the growth of knowledge-based industries will be possible.
Pointed out to 440 thousand billion Tomans volume of Iran's industrial production in 2014, the ESFRD CEO said: The country's electronics industry share of this amount has been only 3%, which is a very low figure considering the good infrastructure in the electronics industry and slogans in support of high-tech and knowledge-based companies. The share of industries and knowledge-based economy in the national economy should be specified to allow observation of the current situation and make its future growth possible.
He added: According to the Ministry of Industry forecasts for the current year, the volume of industrial productions would be up to 700 thousand billion Tomans that given the best educated human resources of the country in electrical and electronic fields, the share of this filed should be increased specifically in the country's economy.
Vahdat reminded that: If the sustainable economic conditions are provided, the scope of the electronics industry has the necessary capacity to make a great leap in the national economy, since the products of this area have high added value and export capabilities as well as the job creation potential of today's graduates and professionals.
According to SAHA report, at the meeting, Nejat, Engineer, Head of Industry, Mine and Trade organization and Hossein Zadeh, Engineer, Director of Communications and Information Technology and the executives of Industrial Estates described the industrial and technological capacities of East Azarbaijan province.

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