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20 models collaboration with industry defined by Sharif University of Technology

In continue, Mokhtari, PhD, Industrial Relationship Manager in Sharif University of Technology explained the university programs to realize the third generation and entrepreneur Universities.

Stating that in the education section, the mentoring programs, supporting the ideas and academic awards will be implemented, he said: In the mentoring (coaching) program, the use of capacities of professors active in industrial projects is considered for engaging and skill training for undergraduate students, while fostering the students' creative ideas for technology development are concerned in the program of supporting ideas.
Mokhtari continued: In the research section, the program of book authoring, supporting the young and postdoctoral professors would be operated. For example, in the plan of supporting the young professors, the measures such as allocation of credit to purchase equipment and supporting the development of laboratories and creating research core done by the University are carried out.
He added: Also, in the area of applied studies, the support of research centers and interactions with industry, promoting entrepreneurship and the awarding of grants are to be made.
Stating that the university has 20 partnership models with the industry, the Industrial Relationship Manager in Sharif University of Technology added: These models include investment in technical knowledge and start-ups, provision of venture capital models, providing specialized grants, providing scholarships to students, defining apprenticeships, establishing a joint company, establishment of joint research centers and research institutes, and venture capital of the university in the form of technology design.
Following the meeting, the managers of different sections described the capabilities of units under their management, including IT service centers, development and technology transfer program, technology service center of intelligent information solutions, ICT advanced research center, the satellite project, theoretical telecommunications research institute, laboratory for testing and evaluation of network equipment, laboratory of advanced computer networks and computer architecture, medicine-net project, laboratory of complex circuits design, and Manarayka system development company.
It is worth mentioning that at the end of this session, the SAHA Fund managers along with the complex director, Sharif Khani, visited the various sections of the Technology Services Complex of Sharif University of Technology.

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