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Joint meeting of the ESFRD was held with Sharif University of Technology

A joint meeting of the ESFRD (SAHA) with administrators and faculty members of Sharif University of Technology for cooperation was held.

According to public relations of ESFRD (SAHA), in the meeting held at IT Services Complex of Sharif University of Technology, Vahdat SAHA Chairman and CEO, PhD, Sharifkhani, IT Services Complex Director, PhD, Mokhtari, Head of Industrial Relations, PhD, the Fund managers and faculty members were attended.
The ESFRD (SAHA) CEO, Ali Vahdat, referring to the membership of ministers of Industry, Mine and Trade, Economic Affairs and Finance, ICT, Science, Research and Technology, Defence and Armed Forces Logistics and Energy in the Fund General Assembly, said: Providing low-rate facilities with a variable rate of 6% to 18% and issuing credible guarantees that all executive agencies are obliged to accept them are among the most important activities of SAHA Fund.

He introduced the industry and electronics industry as the work area of SAHA Fund and continued: In the new period of fund activity, two new bylaws of expert services and venture capital (VC) were approved by the General Assembly and sent to the cabinet for final approval so that the fund activities would begin in these two very important areas.
Stating that so far, one thousand projects with a credit over 2 thousands trillion Rials have been supported by the ESFRD (SAHA), Vahdat announced the completion of more than 800 projects.
He pointed to the new axes of SAHA fund activities and explained: Education is one of the new and underlined axes of the Fund. Thus, the production firms that send groups abroad for training or pay for training the forces, will be supported by SAHA through facilities.
Vahdat mentioned the support for research required by industries as another axis of the Fund activities and said: In this context, the costs of companies ordering applied research to the universities and research centers would be covered as facilities.
The ESFRD (SAHA) CEO reminded that: Other new supporting measures of SAHA fund include market development, participation in trade fairs, obtaining international approvals, joint of domestic companies with foreign companies to transfer technology into the country and free-plant production.
According to him, the ESFRD (SAHA) is one of the few institutions that specifically support the software and offers facilities to companies active in this field.
He explained about the time of addressing the projects in the Fund to receive funds: Upon receipt of the plan, it will be announced within 10 days that the project is consistent with the priorities supported by the Fund or not. After confirming the lending, the project is evaluated maximally within one month, and then, the facilities will be provided. However, the majority of time is spent by the applicant to complete the required information.
On how the fund supports applied research and studies by universities, the ESFRD (SAHA) CEO said: If a research is done in a university for the private sectors of the country, that company can be introduced to the Fund to cover the research costs after necessary investigations.
According to Vahdat, supporting the establishment of reference laboratories with the aim of providing services to the industries and other industrial and manufacturing companies is considered as other SAHA Fund's priorities.
He described the purpose and vision of SAHA Fund to support the industry as saying: Even in the new regulations of the Fund, such as VC that is submitted for approval by the cabinet, support of the industry is considered, and naturally, companies active in this area can benefit from the Fund's services.
He added: In SAHA Fund model on venture capital, a company announces an estimate of the cost of a basket of projects scheduled to participate in. After necessary assessments, the whole costs would be awarded by the Fund. However, in the meantime, to avoid the Fund tenure, private financial companies and institutions contributing the intended firm will be also supported by the Fund.

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