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Joint venture of Iranian and Czech electronics and knowledge-based companies in post-sanction period

The ESFRD CEO proposed to provide the ground for cooperation between electronics and knowledge-based companies of Islamic Republic of Iran and Czech Republic for identifying opportunities and joint venture of private and cooperative sectors in both countries.

According to the reporter of "Electronics Support Fund for Research & Development", in a meeting with "Jana Laušmanová", the vice president of Nupharo Science and Technology Park of Czech Republic, "Ali Vahdat" introduced the supports and services of Electronics Support Fund for Research & Development and stated: Despite the problems caused by sanctions, Iran has benefited from a good progress in the production of high-tech products.
He noted:
Iran's industries are now capable of producing high quality products in areas such as medical equipment, automotive electronic components, LED lamps, transmitters and receivers, radars and telecommunications facilities to meet a part of the country's needs.
He added:
Meanwhile, Iran's industries activities have been lower in the production of consuming electronic products with no competitive advantage.
Director of ESFRD stressed on the need to develop the market and introduce Iranian products in the world markets and said: Based on this perspective, we welcome joint and cooperation of our companies with foreign companies, which would lead to Iran's industrial production growth.
He accordingly mentioned the support of commercialization of technology and new ideas of Nupharo Science and Technology Park in Iran as well as the technical improvement of the country's industrial products in collaboration with this knowledge-based park as pillars based on which the cooperation between the two countries could be established.

Vahdat reminded that the role of ESFRD in Iran is not only financing. As a public sector, we are working on introducing the opportunities to local companies and their foreign counterparts. He also mentioned the ESFRD efforts in helping the education, research and development and obtaining international certificates for small and medium industries and added: The fund provides facilities in these areas that in case of participation of foreign companies in the production of new products, we will participate in financing as well.
Finally, he also suggested to prepare and exchange a list of companies operating in the field of electronics and Science and Technology in Iran and in Nupharo Science and Technology Park of Czech Republic Science and Technology, associated with introducing the potential and expertise of the companies and their areas of interest for collaboration to provide the contexts for cooperation and joint venture. He emphasized in this regard:
European companies are seeking to access to Iran's great market, through which they can benefit from Iran's market potential for the sale and export of their products meanwhile improving the production of their domestic commodities.
In this regard, the ESFRD CEO reminded the possible presence of Czech companies in Iran, and mutually, the presence of Iranian companies in the Science and Technology Park of that country for joint activities. Ms. Jana Laušmanová also stated in this visit: Nupharo Science and Technology Park is a complex which investment has been made jointly by the private sector of the Czech Republic and the European Union.
She added: Despite the newly establishment, the Nupharo park benefits from high ability and expertise in the areas of smart cities and smart making of energy supply systems. The Deputy of Nupharo Science and Technology Park also mentioned: This Park is not only a development and R & D center, and uses all the smart ideas for commercialization.
Ms. Jana Laušmanová introduced the corporates of IBB, Philips and Cisco as the investors in the Nupharo Science and Technology Park and stated: Perhaps, Iran is one of the last markets that has opened its doors to the world, and access to this market is one of the reasons for foreign companies' attendance in Iran. She also introduced Nupharo Science and Technology Park as a gateway for Iranian companies to the Europe markets and added: If Iran has major companies in the field of science and technology, we can facilitate communication with them.
Accordingly, Ms. Jana Laušmanová welcomed the suggestion by the ESFRD CEO regarding investment and cooperation of knowledge-based companies of the two countries. This report indicates that a senior and economic delegation of Czech Republic headed by the country's Foreign Affairs Minister have visited Iran. This delegation is one of the largest European Economic Committees that have so far entered Iran to collaborate in the post-sanction period.

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