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Support the redesign and construction of corrosion monitoring device of oil and gas pipelines

The ESFRD ratified the grant for redesign and build the corrosion monitoring device of oil and gas pipelines. The device will be redesigned for the first time in the country.

According to the ESFRD reporter, the implementation of this project provided by Roeingaran West Asian Industry Company, the construction of prototypes of modified device of corrosion monitoring is based on new electrochemical technique.

According to this report, currently, monitoring of corrosion in oil pipelines and gas is done by coupon testing method (instantiation inside the pipe). Through processing the flow changes and electrodes potential, the device calculates the corrosion trend and rate and the remaining life of the structure.

Redesign and construction of the device, while facilitating and making precision in corrosion monitoring, will lead to self-sufficiency and elimination of the need to import this product. Other advantages of the project include localization advanced technical knowledge, exchange of technology and reducing dependence on foreign countries.

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