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Some of the supported projects and companies

 City  A summary of the project  Project subject  Company Name Row
 Tehran  The purpose of the project was to manufacture a prototype of the electrocardiogram device and obtain approval. The prototyping device has 12 leads with all the necessary and up to date options for the device user. At the moment, the device is produced in a limited scale in the country. With prototype production by Avecinna Company and generating the production potential, it is predicted that the market becomes free from production monopoly and the need to imports would reduce. Manufacturing electrocardiograph device and obtaining approval Avecinna 1
 Ardabil  This project was to do the applicant's contract with Iran Khodro engineering design and supply of spare parts company to produce Peykan camshaft sensor. The technical knowledge of the product has obtained entirely by the company. The sensor has been mass-produced for the first time in the country. In this sensor, the Hall Effect technology is used. Manufacturing facility in the city of Ardebil.  Automotive sensor production (production camshaft sensor)  Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan  2
 Qom  Store gates are briefly called EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), which are a kind of goods protection systems that can be used in shops, warehouses, etc. The aim of this project was limited production of 500 RF protective gates of two types of store antenna. This product has been manufactured from its German sample by reverse engineering.  Manufacturing CKD- RF store gates  System Vista smart co-operative  3
 Tehran  The system required by IRIB is a communication system that uses a radio platform to transmit information, including a microwave link (TS-Radio). The goal of the project was to produce 50 TS-Radio type links by the IRIB request.  Manufacturing of TS_Radio System  Novin Pardis Process Technology  4
Pardis The aim of the plan was to fund the costs of purchasing equipment, installation and launching satellite teleport. Today, due to advances in science and technology, many industrial units need to communicate with their own branches and centers. Today's communications platform lacks adequate coverage in some areas and is not efficient. Therefore, satellite communications seem to be the perfect solution for establishing these communications. Arian Satellite Company is licensed to provide data transmission services through communication by the CRA and radio communications. The company has now two satellite teleports in Tehran and Isfahan and is simultaneously on four satellites. Launching teleport satellite in Pardis Science and Technology Park
 Arian Satellite  5
 Kermanshah  UPS is an electronic device use for continues supply of power (energy) for devices such as computerized and telecommunications, control and instrumentation, laboratories and hospitals complexes, which are sensitive to the problems in the network and power outages. The aim of the project was funding the purchase of raw materials as working capital to produce and sell 1, 3, 6 and 10 KVA UPSs.  Working capital for the production of all types of UPS  Faran Electronic Industries  6
 Tehran  The aim of this project was prototyping of Jacquard electronic and manufacturing and purchasing tester and equipment of the production line. During the past few years, to change the mechanical system of carpet weaving machines to computerized system, Namad Parda Company first designed and made the solenoid type Jacquard system, and then the Ceramic Piezo Jacquard system. In recent years, the company stopped the sale of solenoid-type jacquard system, and focused on the sale of Ceramic piezo jacquard system. After the two above products, Namad Parda Company started the design and prototyping of jacquard electronic.  Jacquard electronic prototyping  Namad Parda Engineering Company  7
 Pardis  Design and manufacture of High Power Programmable DC Power Supply, which represents a very advanced technology for high Teck industrial use, such as telecommunications, lasers, automobile manufacturing automotive and research areas.  Designing and prototyping of high power programmable power supplies  Pasargad Tavan Pajohan technology  8
 Oil rich regions Design and manufacture of monitoring equipment of turbines vibration in all energy mining sites, especially gas resources that need compressors and turbines from beginning to the end.  Manufacturing the equipment of turbines vibration monitoring  Rajman Pardaz Industry  9
 Tehran  Production of smart water and power meters for optimal use of water and energy resources in agricultural wells and on all electricity user wells in the country to control and supervise these wells by relevant institutions  Production of smart water and power meters  Rahrovan Sepehr Andisheh  10
 Tehran Medical Ect device prototyping to provide to the relevant organizations and medical centers and medical universities to obtain necessary approvals
Medical Ect prototyping
 Ehyagaraneh Salamate Mandegar  11
 Eshtehard  Launching the modern DVD and BLUERAY production lines to meet the market demand for CD-ROM products in the form of DVD types according to the latest world technologies DVD production line  Golrang Electronics Industry  12
 Tehran  Meetings information systems are designed to mechanize the meetings and sessions processes. The application objectives include meetings management system implementation, their follow-up process, supervising their implementation, calendar, meetings recording, desktop, and registration of their approvals  Design and implementation of meetings and resolutions system  Gam Electronics  13
 Karaj  According to the casting industry need to this application and the reliance of many domestic industries on cast iron parts, the development of this software and making it applicable for a wide range of cast iron casting industries seems to be essential. The objectives of reducing parts manufacturing costs, shortening the production time, ability to design complex cast iron parts with high production cost of production can be achieved through the implementation of this project. The purpose of this project was to develop the SUTCAST software in the field of cast iron parts. SUTCAST software development in the area of Cast iron parts  Parviz Davami  14
 Tehran  Asre Gooyesh Pardaz Company has begun its work on generating application as a company active in the processing area and speech recognition. The results of company efforts includes the development of a number of systems and software engines in the field of Persian and English speech recognition in a continuous pattern and independent of the speaker. The company has developed and produced Nevisa application.  Development and sales of Persian speech typing software  Asre Gooyesh Pardaz  15
 Esfahan  he company has worked on the design and implementation of comprehensive process-oriented systems.  Development of Ray Dana comprehensive system  Ray Dana Afarin  16
 Yazd  Mass production of high quality printed circuit boards due to the growth of the domestic market and increased volume of orders and being equipped with built-in multilayer printed circuit board manufacturing line  Increasing the production of electronic boards  Jahan Electronics  17
 Yazd  Production of LED as a very low consumption lighting element and LED light bulbs  Expanding the production of chipset -based LEDs  Behnoor Yazd  18
 Tehran  Optimization of Braille-writing device for the blind to reduce the size and weight of the machine for ease of handling by the blind, supporting all related software, including the screen reader, hardware drivers, compatible with Persian language and the new version of Microsoft's operating system  Optimization of Braille monitor device and keyboard for blind people  Pektoos  19
 Tehran  The company products include different models ranging protection system with addressing capability, dual SIM phones and fixed line, double 20-memory phone calling, 4-zone security system with remote control, conventional and wireless motion detector, 3-relay GIGACODE remote control, etc.  Design, manufacture and distribution of security systems  Electronic Karan  20
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